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Yoran, David – Northwest Mission Church


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Yoran, David – Northwest Mission Church

Our Vision:

We are committed to the vision of growing a gospel-centered, intercultural church in the upper west side of Charlotte, for the purposes of making disciples to the glory of God.  Our mission is to make disciples who are deeply impacted by the gospel of grace, and who are consistently growing in their love for God and their love for their neighbors.

Our Story:

David and Celia  have been involved in church ministry for over 12 years, having served at both church plants and church revitalizations.  The Yorans have a passion for local church ministry, for helping the hurting through the love of Christ, and intercultural ministry.   They have seen firsthand how the gospel can build bridges across racial and even language barriers, and are excited to see this happen in a greater way in Northwest Charlotte.

Our Plan:

Outreach & Core Group building: We are focused on reaching out to the target area community, through neighborhood evangelism, outreach to local businesses, schools, and other community organizations.  Through these relationships, we will share the gospel, form Bible studies and eventually a core group to launch this intercultural church.

Forming an Intercultural Pastoral Partnership:  It’s important to us that the diversity of our community reflected in the diversity of our pastoral leadership.  As such, we are presently searching and praying for a pastoral partner to be a part of this team, for the sake of long-term intercultural ministry effectiveness.

Partnering with Local Churches: We are thankful that numerous local churches within our denomination are excited to partner with us in this ministry, giving us needed resources to make this vision a reality.  Numerous churches have pledged financial support, while others are helping raise up an intercultural core group, find building space for worship, and even partnering in more significant ways.


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