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William Carter, MTS Men’s Ministry Associate – Florida


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William Carter, MTS Men’s Ministry Associate – Florida

Ministering to those serving in government.

Ministry to State – Florida is a ministry of the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) and exists as a means to minister to those serving in the Florida state government through prayer, discipleship, and evangelism via five fundamental objectives:

  1. GOSPEL: Expose those in the state government community to the transforming truths of the gospel through healthy relationships.
  2. WORLD VIEW: Provide encouragement and support in the development of a Biblical world and life view for those in the state government who make a profession of faith.
  3. CONSCIENCE: Strive to be instrumental in establishing and maintaining a Biblical conscience throughout the state government community who both create and implement policy.
  4. CHURCH: Provide a healthy means to connect the church in a non-partisan manner with those in the state government.
  5. PRAYER: Promote and facilitate specific and intelligent prayer by the body of Christ for those in the state government.

Thank you for supporting this ministry through MNA as we seek to cultivate the Kingdom through the PCA in North America. Your generosity and faithfulness make this work possible. Please join with us in prayer for this ministry. Thank you for your support.

William A. Carter is a devoted follower of Christ, dedicated husband to his beloved wife, Angela, and a loving father to two sons and a daughter. Residing in a picturesque home by a serene pond in Deltona, Florida, William shares his life with two cherished American Bulldogs, which he takes delight in playing with. Alongside his family commitments, William is a diligent student on a path towards achieving a Master of Divinity degree.

His academic pursuits are a reflection of his deep passion for the study of theology, seeking to unravel the profound mysteries of God, His creation, and the intricate ways in which humanity can derive fulfillment through communion with their Creator while reflecting His glory. William’s diverse interests extend beyond the realm of academia, as he thoroughly enjoys fostering connections through social engagements, family gatherings, and hosting gatherings for enriching Bible studies, engaging games, and memorable BBQs.

The genesis of William’s spiritual journey traces back to his formative years when he began asking profound questions about the nature of the Trinity. Although his faith remained steadfast, his spiritual journey did not conform to traditional church experiences throughout his youth. It wasn’t until his early forties that a profound encounter with God brought him to his knees, face to the ground in deep humility.

Since that transformative moment, William has dedicated a significant portion of his daily life to the pursuit of true, good, and beautiful knowledge and wisdom in devotion to our Lord and Savior. His lifelong aspiration is to share the depth of his knowledge and wisdom, as he continues to evolve in his spiritual journey. In his role as a Ministry to State Ministry Associate, William seizes the opportunity to fulfill this mission. He earnestly hopes and prays that others will recognize the significance of his cause and extend their support as he engages with those who serve our local government, offering prayers, teaching, and glorifying God in the process.

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