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Wes Holmes – Jordan Valley Church, West Jordan, UT


Year-End Giving: For 2022 tax purposes, online donations will be accepted through 12:00 p.m. midnight Eastern time on December 31st . FAQ →

Wes Holmes – Jordan Valley Church, West Jordan, UT

Disciple-Making in Utah

Updated Fundraising Goals:

  • $500 – Complete original 4-year salary (fully church-supported by year 5)
  • $10,000 – Offset increased cost of living (basic necessities)
  • $20,000 – Bolster Home Downpayment (hospitality center)
  • $30,000 – Provide support for interns and future ministry leaders to experience Utah
  • $40,000 – Organize and run a top-notch evangelism conference and other church-equipping seminars

Partner with me as I seek to make disciples of Jesus together with Jordan Valley Church in the country’s largest mission field.

Utah Statistics:

  • Less than a 2% Evangelical Christian population (but growing!)

Exciting things happening at Jordan Valley Church:

  • A family baptism and several new professions of faith in 2022
  • 50% of church membership is former LDS
  • Between 50-60% of church growth came through baptizing new believers and families
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Gifts can be sent via check or money order made payable to MNA. Ministry or church plant names should be clearly designated with a note accompanying the check or money order.

Mail Checks To:

Mission to North America
P.O. Box 890233
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