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Vive Charlotte Church. José Portillo (Planter)


Year-End Giving: For 2023 tax purposes, online donations will be accepted through 12:00 p.m. midnight Eastern time on December 31st . FAQ →

Vive Charlotte Church. José Portillo (Planter)

Friends, Family and Bothers/Sisters in Christ. We officially launch Vive Charlotte Church on May 1st, after a complex two year process navigating the season of Covid. Yet, by God’s grace we are a new small community in the heart of the East part of Charlotte. The ministry opportunities are great and we know the Lord is working to edify His church. Please consider supporting our work as we seek to raise 300k over the next two years 2023-2024.

Thank you for your prayers for my family and our community.

Learn more at: or contact me at:

Partnership Goals Over a Three Year Period.

# Partners Monthly Annually/Three-Year Total Total
1 $2,100.00 ($25,000/$75,000) $75,000.00
1 $1,250.00 ($15,000/$45,000) $45,000.00
2 $750.00 ($9,000/$27,000) $54,000.00
3 $500.00 ($6,000/$18,000) $54,000.00
5 $150.00 ($1,800/$5,400) $26,000.00
10 $85.00 ($1,000/3,000) $30,000.00
20 $45.00 ($500/$1,500) $30,000.00
Total $314,000.00

Thank you for considering supporting us financially.

Because He lives!

Donate by Check

Gifts can be sent via check or money order made payable to MNA. Ministry or church plant names should be clearly designated with a note accompanying the check or money order.

Mail Checks To:

Mission to North America
P.O. Box 890233
Charlotte, NC 28289-0233