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Tyler & Ashley Hendley – Church Planting in Farmington Missouri


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Tyler & Ashley Hendley – Church Planting in Farmington Missouri

Farmington is a wonderful place for a church plant, and a particularly wonderful place for me to assist in planting. Though it’s definitely rural, it is the hub St. Francois county. Farmington is the largest city in the county, and the economy and population are growing. People from all over the county come to Farmington to work, shop, and play. Even so, my heart breaks for Farmington and places like it. Why? Because churches all across rural America are closing their doors permanently.

This is the story of my hometown, which is not far from Farmington, and unfortunately, many others across the great state of Missouri. Many tragic things happen when a church closes their doors. First it leaves many who love Christ with no place to go worship. Second, it means many will never know the hope that is in Christ only. In fact, in the area 60% of the population say they are not religious. That is nearly 36,000 people who could potentially have their lives changed for the better by knowing Christ.

This is exactly what God has called my family to do. Preach the good news of the gospel in Farmington, Missouri.  I am happy to report in many ways we have already started! God is at work and moving! FAST! My good friends Allen and Jean Harmening are already there and holding services every Sunday for 20+ people. Bible studies are well underway. Community in the name of Christ is happening! My personal favorite is Grief Share, which I lead. If you have not heard of that, it is a solid Christian ministry for those who are  grieving the loss of someone they loved who has died. I get the honor of speaking to the truth of the gospel, and living hope we have in Christ Jesus to those who long to hear. After a recent session, a lovely person told me, “There is so much more to Jesus and the gospel than I realized.” She had never heard anything about the resurrection, or Christ making all things new!

We would be truly honored to have you partner with us in this work that God has called us to, and share in the blessings of telling the GOOD NEWS!

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