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Ralph Johnston – Sanford Mission, Sanford, NC


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Ralph Johnston – Sanford Mission, Sanford, NC

So, we are dreaming! We are dreaming of gathering people who are discovering more and more about a personal relationship with Jesus. As we learn more about Jesus as individuals and families, we want to gather together to savor and cultivate our faith in Jesus. As Jesus fills us up and encourages us, we then want to deliver the good news of the gospel of Jesus to our family, friends, neighbors and world. We agree with John Julien who said, “The absence of God is for man worse than all other hardships put together.”

One of the catch phrases that you will see on signs as you enter Sanford, North Carolina is the phrase “Well Centered.” “Well Centered” refers to the fact that Sanford lays at the geographic center of North Carolina. In a similar way, we desire to be a church who is well centered around the gospel of Jesus Christ. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful adventure. We do this for God’s glory and for our enjoyment!

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