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PCA Five Million Fund


Year-End Giving: For 2023 tax purposes, online donations will be accepted through 12:00 p.m. midnight Eastern time on December 31st . FAQ →

PCA Five Million Fund

The PCA loan program assists new churches in their first purchase of a building, land or construction of a building. Loans are interest-free and repaid by the church on a flat repayment schedule. Money is available for new loans only as current loans are repaid. Currently, the maximum amount loaned is $100,000 and while this is not a significant amount, it is often an amount that will make a difference as further collateral for a loan or as a crucial part of the total funding that prompts a lending institution’s willingness to make a loan to a new church.

Donate by Check

Gifts can be sent via check or money order made payable to MNA. Ministry or church plant names should be clearly designated with a note accompanying the check or money order.

Mail Checks To:

Mission to North America
P.O. Box 890233
Charlotte, NC 28289-0233