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Pat Maddox, SecondCareer Regional Specialist, Mid-Atlantic Region


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Pat Maddox, SecondCareer Regional Specialist, Mid-Atlantic Region

I serve as the Mid-Atlantic Specialist for Second Career Ministries. This title is somewhat misleading because working with Second Career is not necessarily for the retired. In fact, around half of those serving are still working a full-time job or are well below retirement age. This ministry seeks to find volunteer talent within the PCA to fill the needs of PCA churches. Part of my job is to contact all the churches and church planters within the Mid-Atlantic area to discover what a short term volunteer could do to assist the work. Sometimes the work can be done online from the volunteer’s home; sometimes there is a need to be on-site. Other PCA churches outside the mid-Atlantic region are also informed of the skills of these volunteers. If you have a desire to serve, you can post your desires and skills on our website and look for a matching need within the PCA. You can also check out the needs of the PCA churches and skills already posted by going to our website at My job could well be described as a ‘Match Maker’ for the PCA in my region matching ministry needs with volunteer skills.

This ministry is relatively new but has matched many volunteers both young and old with church needs all over North America. One example that I can recall is a match from a volunteer in CA to organize bulletins for a church planter in the Mid-Atlantic. The volunteer would receive data from the church planter on Monday or Tuesday and then return the print-ready bulletins for review on Wednesday. Any revisions could be made via email and final print-ready bulletins returned by Thursday. This service connected both volunteer and church planter for many months; a match made in the PCA.

As far as support goes, my wife and I are retired and do not need to draw a salary from MNA therefore, all support goes to ministry expenses. Your support is well used assisting churches and church plants to spread the Gospel. Expenses have been lower in travel since Covid-19 but letter writing and virtual contacts have increased. We pray that this will soon be behind us and once again we will be able to attend Church planter meetings and visit churches in person.

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