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Mosaic Waco


Mosaic Waco

Mosaic Waco is a brand new multicultural church plant in East Waco.

God has intersected our family’s call to foster/adopt with our call to church plant. Since adopting these two boys, we have sought ways to honor the culture they lost when coming to our family through books, friendships, connections. And recently we’re seeing the need to be more comprehensive and bring the church along this journey as well. We want to reach people we were never going to reach without making some wholesale changes, and planting Mosaic Waco is how we’re responding to God’s call.

In the spring of 2019 we began with 3 families in our household.  We then moved to the Bledsoe Miller Recreation Center, the outgrew the space and moved to JH HINES, then COVID-19 hit.  And we went 100% online.  But just in the last couple months we’ve since done ‘drive-in church’ every other week (online every week).

These types of works require a long-game(slow cooker) approach.  So we’re grateful for the support and donations of individuals, families, and churches that want to give to works that build bridges.

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