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MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry – Pat Hatch


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MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry – Pat Hatch

Did you know that 1 out of 4 persons in the US – and 1 out of 3 in Canada – is either themselves foreign-born, or is the minor (US or Canadian citizen) child of a foreign-born resident?  Acts 17:26 and 27 tell us that it is our Sovereign God who allows the movement of people.  Whether they are fleeing persecution, seeking the opportunity to make a better life, joining family, or coming temporarily for study or business, God Himself has a purpose in their being here!  For those who do not yet know Him, we are told, that purpose is “so that they might seek Him, and perhaps find Him.”

MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry comes alongside local PCA congregations and their members to encourage, equip, and support them as they consider ways in which they can develop or expand meaningful, effective outreach and authentic redemptive relationships with those from the nations the Lord has brought near. Your giving enables MNA Refugee and Immigrant  Ministry staff to help churches and individual believers to explore how their unique skills, passions, talents and experiences can be used by God to draw refugees, immigrants, asylum seekers, international students, and/or foreign business persons to Himself. It enables us to help missions-minded churches to recognize that in today’s world, the very first believer in a people group may not be in the homeland, but rather here in North America, where a person from that culture, in the process of redefining who they are, encounters Christ through one of His people, and then shares that joy with others who have remained behind.

MNA Refugee and Immigrant Ministry encourages churches to view refugees and immigrants primarily through the lens of Scripture – God’s deep love for them – and to become advocates on their behalf in our local communities and our national policies. We urge congregations to take intentional steps to be more welcoming of persons of every culture into their congregation, in joyful anticipation and preparation for that great day described in Revelation 7:9 and 10, when people of every tribe, tongue and nation will worship side by side at the throne of the Lamb. Many refugees and immigrants come here already believing in Christ as Savior, and we can learn much from them, if we cultivate the humilty to do so! They are uniquely qualified to lead us into effective outreach to the 1 in 4 in the US (or 1 in 3) in Canada whom God has brought near for His purposes.

For generations, believers in Christ have prayed for the salvation of those in other nations who don’t know Him. We have thought of missions as a geographic mandate for those few among us whom the Lord calls to foreign missons.  While foreign missions will always be crucial until Christ returns, now – in answer to our prayers for the nations – God has brought people from virtually every tribe and tongue to our own communities – within reach – so that every believer now has the opportunity to welcome, engage, love, and share our faith with them. Instead of being solely a geographic mandate merely for the few, it is now clearer than ever that missions is a Biblical mandate for each Christian wherever we may be.

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