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Jonathan Finlayson – Staff w/Trinity Church, Seattle, WA


Jonathan Finlayson – Staff w/Trinity Church, Seattle, WA

I am from Toronto, and love hockey, running, hiking and good music. My wife Lauren is from Tacoma and loves the rain, coffee, long walks, and conversation with good friends. Our daughter Annie is from Philly, and loves new words, long rides in the stroller, and making mommy and daddy laugh. Together, we love the Northwest, but especially, we love Jesus and his church.

Your donation will help provide for our family, and free me up for ministry. At Trinity, I regularly have opportunities to preach and lead the liturgy on Sundays, help lead and teach in youth ministry settings, help out with community groups and men’s ministries, foster discipleship relationships with others, and be involved in outreach and evangelism. I am privileged to immerse myself in the life and ministry of the church in this place where there is much need. Thank you for your support!

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