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Jonathan Finlayson – Church Planting Resident, Seattle, WA


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Jonathan Finlayson – Church Planting Resident, Seattle, WA

I am from Toronto, and love hockey, running and good music. My wife Lauren is from Tacoma and loves the rain, coffee, long walks, and conversation with good friends. Our daughter Annie is from Philly, and loves books, babies (especially her baby brother), and making mommy and daddy laugh. Liam loves smiling at his family, exploring and discovering the world, and being really cute. Together, we love Seattle, but especially, we love Jesus and his church.

God is calling us, along with our launch team, to plant a church in Northeast Seattle called Christ Church Seattle. The epicenter of our ministry is the Maple Leaf neighborhood. Our neighbors are disconnected, yet longing for community; enraged over injustice, and starving for righteous judgement; suspicious of redeemers, yet waiting for deliverance from scientific human progress; struggling to find an identity, yet still forging a path forward alone; irreligious, yet deeply spiritual. We believe that Jesus Christ is the only one who is able to challenge these idolatries and answer these longings. We desire to plant a church that extends his grace to our neighbors and see Christ’s Kingdom spread in this city.

Your giving helps provide for our family, and our ministry, we couldn’t do this without you. Thank you for your support!

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