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Jarrett Allebach – Grace PC, Worcester, MA


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Jarrett Allebach – Grace PC, Worcester, MA

Grace Pres. is a cross-cultural and inter-generational church, rooted in Christ and here to advance Jesus’ influence in Worcester and through the world.

Worcester, the second largest city in New England, is spread across a series of hills overlooking the Blackstone Valley. Located forty miles west of Boston in the heart of Massachusetts, Worcester is hard working city with a rich history. The city is shaped by its diverse population, distinct neighborhoods, colleges and universities, historic institutions and varied economy. While there is much that we love about Worcester there is also a deep sadness. Worcester is the hub of the least churched region of the country. This lack of dynamic and faithful Christian witness is seen in an incredible drive to achieve significance professionally or financially, a deep loneliness, emotional and relational breakdown, poverty, discrimination and an indifference to the gospel. As a city there is the sense that Worcester lacks a sense of identity, both envying and despising Boston for its disproportionate influence in the state and region.

Believing that the gospel of Jesus Christ, proclaimed and embodied by his people, is the hope of this world, we came to Worcester. Through a church planting fellowship with Trinity PCA, in Providence, RI God led our family to begin Grace. From a small Bible Study that began in our apartment we have seen the Lord’s favor upon our work. He has provided for us, sustained us in trial, renewed our sense of calling, deepened our faith, and lifted up his great name in calling the lost to himself, transforming lives by the power of the gospel, building a church that crosses the lines of division in our world, and using us to bless our city. In anything we have accomplished we deeply sense our weakness and give Jesus the credit.

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Yours in Christ,

Pastor Jarrett Allebach

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