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Friend of Sinners Church – Milwaukee


Year-End Giving: For 2023 tax purposes, online donations will be accepted through 12:00 p.m. midnight Eastern time on December 31st . FAQ →

Friend of Sinners Church – Milwaukee

As a successful church plant that has particularized, we must move to a new giving method. This method will still work for a short while, but we still need the loving and gracious future gifts of those who love the poor and want the gospel clearly proclaimed and lived-out in the city.

Find our new giving link at Please be sure to continue to invest in our gospel-centered PCA presence in Milwaukee.

Friend of Sinners Church is a multicultural church located in a poor area of inner city Milwaukee, WI. We are God’s testimony of the goodness of the gospel, and we proclaim the gospel on the streets, in homes and door to door, as well as in new worship facility, located in the heart of the notorious Zip Code 53206 in inner city Milwaukee (2456 W Auer Av), and location most consider to be the most dangerous in Wisconsin and one of the most dangerous in the nation. In addition to the immediate and clear proclamation of the gospel, we also actively participate in diaconal work among our members and regular attenders and in our community.

As a church in an impoverished urban center, we deeply appreciate the prayer and financial support we receive from the church at large. This support helps us fulfill our mission: to Gather, Go and Grow. Gather together as God’s people, Go into our community to promiscuously spread the gospel, and Grow together in the knowledge and worship of the Trinity.

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