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Franky Garcia, Church Planter in Gatineau, Québec


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Franky Garcia, Church Planter in Gatineau, Québec


Canadians can give tax-deductable donations to my account through Resurrection Church, click here.



Gifts can be mailed to the following address, make sure to also include the information listed after the address.

Mission to North America

PO Box 890233

Charlotte, NC 28289-0233

*The check needs to be payable to Mission to North America

*It should have an accompanying note indicating that it is designated to Franky Garcia at Resurrection Church, Ottawa.

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Franky and Alaina Garcia were part of Resurrection Church (PCA) in Ottawa, Ontario (2020-2022) while Franky was preparing to plant a church in Gatineau, Québec.

Franky (from Mississippi) and Alaina (from Montreal) met in 2016 at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Jackson, MS. Franky was working on his M.Div, and Alaina was taking Hebrew in preparation for her M.Th. at  La Faculté de Théologie Évangélique (FTÉ). The two made quick friends and visited one another’s countries until they were married in May 2018. After graduation in 2019, they were able to raise support and move to Canada at the beginning of 2020. They are now planting a church in Gatineau, Québec. For more information visit

To contact the Garcias directly, email them at





Donate by Check

Gifts can be sent via check or money order made payable to MNA. Ministry or church plant names should be clearly designated with a note accompanying the check or money order.

Mail Checks To:

Mission to North America
P.O. Box 890233
Charlotte, NC 28289-0233