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El Camino Presbyterian Church


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El Camino Presbyterian Church

San Diego’s coastal North County is a developing and vibrant suburban region that’s filled with families, socioeconomic and cultural diversity, recreational and educational opportunities. Oceanside is a mid-sized coastal city with a large USMC base, Camp Pendleton, with 42,000 active-duty members and a popular community college with 13,000 students. There are roughly 40 churches in Oceanside, representing only 1 church per 4,000+ people.

Our mission is helping the people of coastal North County glorify and enjoy God with their whole selves, find belonging in community, and share with their neighbors in the way of Jesus Christ.

In English, El Camino translates as “the way.” Culturally Southern California is indelibly marked by Spanish language and culture. The names of our cities, streets and schools, reflect that reality. We believe church at its best reflects the ethos of the community.

Historically, El Camino is a part of California’s rich history. Between 1683 and 1835, Jesuit and Franciscan missionaries planted a series of religious communities from Baja to the San Francisco Bay. This 600-mile road of 21 missions, presidios, and pueblos was called El Camino Real or “the King’s Highway.” Our roots matter. We believe churches should honor and embrace the best of their history, while always seeking continually reform.

Before going to the cross, Jesus encouraged his disciples with both a radically exclusive truth claim and a deeply consoling reality: “I am the way and the truth and the life.” In Spanish, “Yo soy el camino, la verdad y la vida.” The early Christians were known as “followers of the Way.” As a church centered on the gospel, we want both the truth and grace of Jesus as the Way to pervade all that we are and do.

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