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Douglass, Phil - Missouri Presbytery


Douglass, Phil - Missouri Presbytery

Church Planting is the Multiplication of the Time, Talent and Treasure of the Redeemed People of God

My calling as Director of Missouri Presbytery Church Planting is to lead the initiation of Christ-centered, Gospel-driven, Kingdom-advancing churches, whose purpose is to grow into church multiplying movements. This is a thrilling entrepreneurial adventure.

From a spiritual viewpoint, the human excitement pales in significance to what this ministry means for eternity.  Through these new churches, by God’s grace, many more men, women and children will be added to the Kingdom.  As these churches grow, they become a base for the time, talent and treasure of our Presbytery, such that they multiply many times the investment of people and financial resources for the Kingdom initiated so generously by our donors and church participants. 


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