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Christ Church Toronto (883 Broadview Ave.) – Toronto, ON


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Christ Church Toronto (883 Broadview Ave.) – Toronto, ON

Christ Church Toronto was launched on October 1st, 2017. Our vision is to be a church in the east end of Toronto overflowing with the type of disciples that regularly plant the type of churches that make a lasting impact for Jesus on our neighbourhood, city, and province!

Simply put: more disciples, more local churches, more of Christ!

Throughout the life of Christ Church Toronto, our church has been characterized by our determination to gather for worship together. This has not been easy! Since CCT’s inception less than seven years ago we have navigated eight different locations and endured 22 changes in venue including office space, churches and public parks. This journey continues to be marked by uncertainty and instability, yet through it all, our faith remains steadfast and God has always provided.

Amidst this backdrop of rental volatility, we have been presented with a remarkable opportunity: Christ Church Toronto has been invited to make an offer to purchase a building at 883 Broadview Ave. In a city where church buildings are regularly converted to condos and where it feels like Christianity is disappearing, we believe this building will allow us to say to our community “We are Here to Stay!”

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