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Chaplain William B. Leonard, Jr. Scholarship Fund


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Chaplain William B. Leonard, Jr. Scholarship Fund

The United States affords many opportunities for men called to the Gospel Ministry to serve Christ in an institutional, rather than parish, setting. Such venues include hospitals, prisons, nursing homes, police/fire groups, hospices, businesses, and the three Services of the military. However, most of these opportunities require an “endorsement” from a recognized faith-group. The PRCC Endorses Chaplains for seven Reformed Presbyterian denominations. Learn more about the PRCC at

William B. Leonard, was the first endorser of the PRCC (then the PRJC) over 60 years go. He was a superb pastor, church planter, Korean War chaplain, and, in his spare time, took care of the chaplains who represented three denominations: the Orthodox Presbyterian Church, the Reformed Presbyterian Church, Evangelical Synod, and the Reformed Presbyterian Church of North America.

The PRCC Commission is delighted to offer a scholarship under his name for students sensing a Call to this kind of Christian Service. The scholarship will be a minimum of $500/year and can be renewed yearly.

We will let Chaplain Leonard’s family know if you send a designated gift to this Scholarship Fund.

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