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Paul J. Cha, Christ Church, Grand Rapids, MI


Paul J. Cha, Christ Church, Grand Rapids, MI

Over the past many years, I have been engaged in many pioneering works like church planting or campus ministry.  For a pioneering work,  evangelism is inevitable. In fact, I am gifted in evangelism and always carry a deep burden for outreach.

Eight years ago, I planted a church for the Korean-American families living in Melbourne, Florida through the support from Mission to North America and the Florida Church Planting Network.  Since the church was particularized two years ago, I’ve been looking to expand beyond the Korean American community and reach more multi-ethnic groups.

God finally answered my prayer. He called me into partnership with Christ Church PCA to begin a pioneering work in Grand Rapids of multicultural evangelism and discipleship within the framework of their existing ministries.

I am very excited to see another great adventure that will arise again in my life as I work with many faithful servants of God here at Christ Church.  God is truly adventurous and unpredictable many times, yet perfectly guides His servants to the appointed destination.

Since this is a pioneering work, we are beyond thankful for prayers, words of encouragement, and donations which can be made through checks or online.



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